Our Portfolio

Asha Jadeja

We empower entrepreneurs. We are industry-agnostic, but particularly care about impact investing in education, the maker movement, women’s rights, and in Indian subcontinet and Africa Focused in the Bay Area, NYC,

School in the Cloud

The aim of School in the Cloud is to spark creativity, curiosity and wonder in students and inspire them to take control of their own learning. We call spaces that make this happen Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs).

Fablab Cept

FabLab CEPT aims to enable everyone to build their ideas. The space provides access to skilled mentors and peers, tools and learning experiences that allow you to innovate. It is one of the 7 workshops at CEPT University.

Dot Edu Ventures

Dot Edu Ventures is venture capital firm specializing in seed and early stage investments. The firm seeks to invest in the technology businesses with a focus on ideas and technologies built around doctoral.

Rajeev circle fellowship

RC Fellowship is designed to create, mentor and empower young entrepreneurs from the developing world and have them be linked closely to the Silicon Valley in California.

Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation

Founded by Asha Jadeja, in loving memory of her husband, Prof. Rajeev Motwani, the Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation (MJFF) is a 100% charitable organization based in Palo Alto, CA and Ahmedabad, India.

Makers fest

Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire hosted across America, Europe, Africa and Japan. Maker Faire, which launched in California in 2006, now hosts hundreds of thousands attendees.