Interview with Asha Jadeja Motwani, Entrpreneur, Investor, Advisor, at TiEcon 2013 Media Lounge

Asha Jadeja Motwani

Asha Jadeja visits Start Up Village

Makerfest team

Stanford Seminar – Impact Investing & Scaling Social Ventures in South Asia

Rajeev Group Meeting 2

Henry, sharing knowledge about his project FabLab

Sijo Kuruvilla (Startup Village) at Startup Grind Trivandrum

Ahmedabad Maker Fest 2017 at Ahmedabad University

Rajeev Circle Fellowship

Rajeev Circle Fellowship

Maker Fest Toronto 2016 (Maker Faire / Festival)

Maker Fest Toronto 2016 (Maker Faire / Festival)

Maker Fest 2017 Ahmedabad India | School of Engineering and Applied Science | Ahmedabad University

Maker Fest 2016 CEPT University in Ahmedabad Exhibition of Innovative Products

Maker Fest 2017 | Makers

Ahmedabad Maker Fest 2017 | Maker Fest Exhibition | Engineering Expo Innovations

Techno Kids Innovations – Makers Fest Ahemdabad – Part 3 | Maha Cartoon TV